NEWS & Change-Log

V2.1.1 (8187)

Auctions: Tapping on an auction item now shows the price history and the recent winners of this item. Tapping the small icon in the top right corner provides a brief summary of the...

V2.1.0 (8181)

15.02.2024 Recycling: Conversion rates adjusted 30.12.2023 New Achievement Page: Grab delicious rewards for reaching milestones! @Android Users: I've tried to incorporate as many...

V2.0.8 (8175)

29.10.2023 SDK Updates Bugfixes

  • V2.1.1 (8187)

    Friday, 23 February 2024 12:00
  • V2.1.0 (8181)

    Saturday, 30 December 2023 11:30
  • V2.0.8 (8175)

    Sunday, 29 October 2023 21:00
  • Various bug fixes
  • Ad mission: Mandatory GDPR consent implemented
  • Mine list: New sorting option "Quality (incl. boosts)"
  • Warehouse info dialog: New button in price history opens dialog with trade history
  • Longclick on most item icons now directly opens the warehouse information dialog.

*Notes on the consent dialog:
The dialog is provided by Google (AdMob). Settings in this dialog are not saved. Google only receives and stores the "end result" of the form. The ability to reset consent-settings will be provided (for now, on Android: "Clear data" or reset advertising ID via Android system settings -> Advertising settings, on iOS: uninstall and reinstall the app).

In the previous version (v1.x) of Resources, personalized advertisements were presented to you without your consent. However, this year, user consent is now mandatory under the GDPR. Consent is given once through a dialog when opening the ad mission.

If you don't want to give blanket consent for personalized advertising, you have the option to grant consent for individual areas. By default, all options are inactive or defined as "denied." This means that confirming the default selection achieves the same result as "Decline," and you will no longer receive any advertisements. Consent must be explicitly and manually granted for each point and service provider.

If you only wish to accept non-personalized advertising, you must accept the first point in the selection ("Store and/or access information on a device") (a small amount of "personal" data is required to prevent abuse, consider frequency capping, and provide statistics for those who ultimately want to display and pay for the advertisements). Additionally, in the "Vendor preferences" settings, the only vendor that needs to be approved is "Google Advertising Products" (including the option "legitimate interest").

I recommend granting consent for personalized advertising in the interest of Resources-Game and all other content creators whose digital works you appreciate or use daily, and who finance their work, in part, through moderately served advertisements.