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Mine resources, produce goods and sell them for the best price.

Dominate the market and gain control over the market rates. RESOURCES is a location-based massively-multiplayer economic simulation (location-based MMO). The idea is to scan your surroundings in the real world for resources, extract them and produce new products to sell.

Go outside to find deposits and free land to build your first mine on!

This latest technology turns your smartphone into a resource scanner. Scan your surroundings to see the deposits nearby on the map. If you're standing right over a good deposit and have enough money, you can build a mine and start extracting resources - assuming no other player has built there already. 

The world is small - sometimes too small. 

Competition can be bothersome. They build in your area, steal away the best land, and often won't just let you push them around. Do you want to get on their nerves? Then expand your power by hiring personnel for such purposes! Attacks against mines of the competition can be very lucrative - as long as they are poorly guarded.

Improve special buildings, strengthen your company

Is your scanner too inaccurate or lacking in range? Build and expand a tech center. Mine accidents too expensive? Hire some better lawyers. Special buildings improve your capabilities and/or open up new possibilities for you. 

Your headquarters

Place your headquarters on the map as a status symbol, and show other players who's the boss here. The headquarters are not just a status symbol though. Workers in your nearby mines suddenly work quite a bit more efficiently under the influence of the HQ.