NEWS & Change-Log

V2.2.0 (8200)

Cargo Rain: From haulage firm level 5 onwards, players now have the optional ability to drop more than 100 crates at once in the form of "stacked crates" (maximum 10,000 crates per drop)....

V2.1.1 (8187)

Auctions: Tapping on an auction item now shows the price history and the recent winners of this item. Tapping the small icon in the top right corner provides a brief summary of the...

V2.1.0 (8181)

15.02.2024 Recycling: Conversion rates adjusted 30.12.2023 New Achievement Page: Grab delicious rewards for reaching milestones! @Android Users: I've tried to incorporate as many...

  • V2.2.0 (8200)

    Monday, 15 April 2024 05:00
  • V2.1.1 (8187)

    Friday, 23 February 2024 12:00
  • V2.1.0 (8181)

    Saturday, 30 December 2023 11:30
  • New client language: Polish


  • Continental chat is a thing of the past. Now there are the channels "International", "PM only" as well as channels for every client language.
    Concerning the language channels it is important to note that the client isn't able to recognize the languages itself (technically this isn't reliably feasible for a chat).
    Example: If you write german text into the "english" channel, this text remains visible in that "english" channel only.
  • New option: Hide/show private messages in public channels
  • Chat display has been revised
  • Allowed message length increased to a maximum of 300 characters per message
  • Players can now also be contacted directly by private message via map by tapping a mine marker or via the trade in the sale window