NEWS & Change-Log

V2.1.1 (8187)

Auctions: Tapping on an auction item now shows the price history and the recent winners of this item. Tapping the small icon in the top right corner provides a brief summary of the...

V2.1.0 (8181)

15.02.2024 Recycling: Conversion rates adjusted 30.12.2023 New Achievement Page: Grab delicious rewards for reaching milestones! @Android Users: I've tried to incorporate as many...

V2.0.8 (8175)

29.10.2023 SDK Updates Bugfixes

  • V2.1.1 (8187)

    Friday, 23 February 2024 12:00
  • V2.1.0 (8181)

    Saturday, 30 December 2023 11:30
  • V2.0.8 (8175)

    Sunday, 29 October 2023 21:00


  • Compatible with Android 7.1+
  • new client language: Portuguese (BR)
  • new client language: Czech
  • div. Bugfixes


  • extended with conveyor rate ranking (conveyor systems and factories)
  • Page slider for easier switching between leaderboard pages
  • Country selection lists only countries in which players also play actively.

Factories/Special Building List:

  • Indicator in the icon if credits and mats are available for a building extension (=green), or all necessary mats are available and only credits for the update are missing (=yellow)

Mine accidents:

  • the maximum penalty amount has been reduced and limited on the basis of additional factors. (already included)

InApp Store Purchases:

  • the number of bonus boxes per purchase rescale with the purchase quantity. (already included)