NEWS & Change-Log

V2.2.0 (8200)

Cargo Rain: From haulage firm level 5 onwards, players now have the optional ability to drop more than 100 crates at once in the form of "stacked crates" (maximum 10,000 crates per drop)....

V2.1.1 (8187)

Auctions: Tapping on an auction item now shows the price history and the recent winners of this item. Tapping the small icon in the top right corner provides a brief summary of the...

V2.1.0 (8181)

15.02.2024 Recycling: Conversion rates adjusted 30.12.2023 New Achievement Page: Grab delicious rewards for reaching milestones! @Android Users: I've tried to incorporate as many...

  • V2.2.0 (8200)

    Monday, 15 April 2024 05:00
  • V2.1.1 (8187)

    Friday, 23 February 2024 12:00
  • V2.1.0 (8181)

    Saturday, 30 December 2023 11:30
Changes 14.04.2020
  • The mortgage on factories will now be renewed every 5 days on any and all of the debtor's factories until the debt has been paid back..
Patch 4939
  • Information display if there are no loan requests
  • Language updates
  • Bug-Fixes
  • The possibility of sending goods via the chat has been removed from the game (see statement to this decision below). Instead there's an new option of controlled obtaining and granting loans.
  • Ranking points lost due to a negative chat trade balance (points penalty) can either be bought back or permanently "fixed" for free (= the loss of points will apply forever) at the loans tab.
  • Loans can now be requested or granted.
  • Only one loan agreement can be active per player.
  • Minimum player level for granting loans is lvl 5.
  • All loan requests/agreements are anonymous to contain rumours (or discreditings) of the debtor as possible.
  • A risk score gives an indication of the requesting player's solvency. For example, the average trading profit per day is, among others factors, taken into account as well.
  • The predefined maximum amount of a loan depends on the loan's period, the solvency and also the number of expired deadlines and is individual variable for every player as a result.
  • The exclusive risk of granting a loan is with the lender. If the debtor deletes his account, the loan agreement also expires and, by association, the lender's claim.
  • If the lender deletes his account, "Resources - Debt Collection Agency" assumes the loan agreement. The claim remains in place for the debtor.
  • If the debtor can't manage to pay his debt by the deadline, all his factories will be mortgaged. The mortgage amount per factory corresponds to the value of the remaining debt divided by the number of factories (rounded up to the nearest whole number, what could make the remaining debt going up minimally). The debtor can reactivate his factories immediately by paying off the mortgage. The lender receives these mortgage payments if the payments have been effected within 30 days after the agreed period has expired. If the debt has still not been paid back within 30 days after the expiry of the period, "Resources-Collection" assumes the loan agreement. The claim remains in place for the debtor. The lender loses the arrearage but is able again to grant new loans.
  • Each expired payback deadline entails a reduction of the future maximum loan amount (-50% per contract expired).
  • The cooldown for requesting a new loan is equivalent to the remaining term of the preceding loan.

Share prices history:

  • Choice of time periods added

Why has the possibility of sending goods via the chat been removed from the game? 
The decision to completely prevent players from sending goods via chat wasn't taken easily. The primary reasons for this decision included the following:

  • The possibility to massively "push" individual players by trading goods via chat in association with the opportunity to share crate contents and loot while "farming friends" not only substantially fleeces player communities towards solo players but also makes the creation of multi accounts very attractive. The latter is forbidden according to our TOS. Nonetheless, Dingo and I have been struggling since day one with removing such accounts from the game. The reliable detection and individual checking isn't only difficult but often takes up a lot of time and nerves.
  • The possibility to send goods via the trade makes it lucrative to small-time criminals to illegally sell Resources items for real money on foreign platforms. This only works efficiently by cleverly creating bot accounts which has been tried at Resources all too often.
  • Resources is an economy simulation. The core of the game is to trade, not to donate! The trade tab is provided for that reason, but the chat isn't. The log files of the last years repeatedly revealed that there has hardly ever been traded/exchanged but gifted one-sidedly instead. Because of the discontinuation of sending goods via the chat the commodities must take the way by the regular trade to get from player "A" to player "B" in the future what may stimulate the trade.
  • The varying definition of the term "support" causes displeasure and discussions again and again. When a friend asks for support it's not considered begging. When a stranger asks for support, he is assumed to be a beggar. When a friend is being supported it isn't pushing whereas supporting the "enemy" is. The chat trade balance was an attempt to regulate supporting/pushing as subtle as possible. However, as there are many players that didn't care about the consequences of a negative CTB (= loss of points), the effect of the chat trade balance was rather lousy to this day. The CTB frequently caused confusion to new players instead.
    Suggestions that recommended imposing much tougher sanctions on pushing and negative CTBs have reached me with regularity. Each and every one of these ideas would've ultimately resulted in chat-sending goods to degenerate into a very grotesque and questionable feature.