NEWS & Change-Log

V2.2.1 (8206) - Android

Bugfixes new function in settings for translation-feedbacks Implementation for Language zh_CN/zh_TW SDK updates

V2.2.0 (8200)

02.05.2024 Auctions: new luxury item for auction. Note regarding casino odds: The odds of winning in the casino do not change with the addition of more luxury items. Not all available symbols...

V2.1.1 (8187)

Auctions: Tapping on an auction item now shows the price history and the recent winners of this item. Tapping the small icon in the top right corner provides a brief summary of the...

  • V2.2.1 (8206) - Android

    Friday, 17 May 2024 05:00
  • V2.2.0 (8200)

    Monday, 15 April 2024 05:00
  • V2.1.1 (8187)

    Friday, 23 February 2024 12:00
Balancing adjustment 02.12.19:
  • Reduction of the luxury bonus: "Once a player rolls a 5 of a kind luxury item in the casino, every ower of the respective luxury item will receive a certain proportion (2% - 20%) of the actual casino jackpot." 
Contact list:
  • Contact list extended by a watchlist. Opens up the possibility to highlight players without adding them to the friendlist. The chat trade stays open only for your closest contacts this way.
Drone scan:
  • New dronescan collection mode: A new icon will appear in the resources list at the resource selection/scanner when a player has fully developed both drone research and haulage firm special buildings to level 10 as a requirement.  Activating that icon allows to send a drone without scanning the area for resources. All crates/containers within the drone collection radius will be automatically collected by the drone. For every 5 crates collected this way one drone will be deducted from the warehouse amount (1-5 crates = one drone, 6-10 = 2 drones, 11-15 = 3 drones, etc.) 
  • Representation adjustment
  • Luxury items as additional symbols on the slot machine reels
  • Minimum stakes and winnings adjusted (winning levels are subject to change at any time for the purpose of balance adjustments)
  • Rolling a 5 of a kind luxury item triggers a luxury bonus for the owner of the respective luxury item (see article "Luxury bonus").
  • "Autoplay" function prevents sore fingers and defuses the urge of quite a few players to create and use a clickbot (which is forbidden according to our ToS).
  • Rolling the reels has been limited to 500 tries per 24h. The cooldown timer starts from the first try to roll after the last cooldown has expired. Players can rebuy additional rolling tries by using giant diamonds (to a maximum of 5 rebuys per 24h).
Luxury bonus
  • Luxury item owners can now profit from a luxury bonus. Once a player rolls a 5 of a kind luxury item in the casino, every ower of the respective luxury item will receive a certain proportion (2% - 20%) of the actual casino jackpot. The proportion is determined by the auctioned number of the respective luxury item. Owners of unique items receive the amount of the actual jackpot. To accomplish a reasonable probability despite the strikingly increased amount of symbols, per try only a set of randomly chosen and reduced number of symbols will be rolled on the reels (the chance for a 5 of a kind is existent in any case)
News page:
  • New settings option: "Dark mode". Modifies the news page to a darker design.
Trade & Mission:
  • With the transport mission being active the requirement is now also visible in the trade dialog 
  • The factories' run time progress bars now change the color when the production is about to end within the next hours:
    Remaining time over 24h -> green
    Remaining time under 24h -> yellow
    Remaining time under 8h -> orange 
Mine info dialog:
  • possible mine malus/attack penalty is now also visible in the mine info dialog
  • New list: points per day
  • Fabric SDK update
  • Target SDK API 29 Andriod Q+
  • Devices with Android API <17 won't be supported anymore.
  • The possibility to choose own notification sounds has been removed due to Android Q+ compatibility problems.




09.02.2020 Server side:
  • limit on chat goods shipments to players with a negative chat trade balance has been tightened by 50%.
20.12.2019 v4537:
  • Crate Log now records all crates picked up in drone collection mode
19.12.2019 v4535:
  • Removal of all InstaBug components (third party application for bug tracking/InApp bug reporting)

16.12.2019 v4465:

  • Various crashes and problems fixed with new Google Billing API on some Android versions

05.12.2019 v4445:

  • Problems loading map tiles after a startup should no longer occur.
  • Wanderer mission should now work again on devices with Android 10 or higher
  • Google Billing API updated: Error message should no longer appear despite successful purchase in the InApp Store

02.12.19 Server side:

  • Balancing Adjustment: Reduction of the Luxury Reward: "As soon as a player rolls 5 identical luxury items in the casino, each owner of the corresponding luxury item receives a certain percentage (2% - 20%) of the current casino jackpot".

29.11.2019 v4381:

  • Clusterview of mines is working again
  • Swipe over resource icon on map no longer skips clay for users who don't have the drone collection mode
  • Level for lists factories/warehouses/specsgeb for players with Android version < 27 now visible again