NEWS & Change-Log

V2.2.1 (8206) - Android

Bugfixes new function in settings for translation-feedbacks Implementation for Language zh_CN/zh_TW SDK updates

V2.2.0 (8200)

02.05.2024 Auctions: new luxury item for auction. Note regarding casino odds: The odds of winning in the casino do not change with the addition of more luxury items. Not all available symbols...

V2.1.1 (8187)

Auctions: Tapping on an auction item now shows the price history and the recent winners of this item. Tapping the small icon in the top right corner provides a brief summary of the...

  • V2.2.1 (8206) - Android

    Friday, 17 May 2024 05:00
  • V2.2.0 (8200)

    Monday, 15 April 2024 05:00
  • V2.1.1 (8187)

    Friday, 23 February 2024 12:00
  • Offline Maps: new map regions can be downloaded in-game and used as offline maps in the game.
    This brings advantages especially for those players who are on the move with severely restricted mobile data in terms of connection speed and/or data limit.
    The offline maps also allow for higher zoom levels, which can be beneficial when placing FAs accurately.

    Important notes for the map download:
    Starting with Android 4.2.2, apps have made it more or less impossible to access the SD cards for downloads on unrooted Android devices. Therefore, many of you will load the map files onto the internal storage, even though you may have a SD card with plenty of storage space. Moving an app to the SD card is probably possible, but only moves the apk of an app - the stored data of the app is pointlessly left on the internal memory ... The very few possible workarounds for this maladministration are either unreasonable for the majority of players (e.g. rooting), or unsuitable for application in conjunction with a map SDK.
    If you want to delve deeper into the proverbial "tragedy" of the "Android Storage Culture", you will find numerous articles about it on the net.

    Starting with Android 6, you have the option to format your SD card as internal memory. The capacity of the SD card is then available to the Android system as quasi-internal memory. Depending on this, this is a recommended option. Whether this is worthwhile for one's own case, one should definitely weigh up well beforehand. A report on the advantages and disadvantages:

  • Name changes: Due to the long-standing "name change" process, name changes are subject to a charge from the second name change and cost more with each further name change accepted by support.

    1. Name change = free
    2. Name change = 10 giant diamonds
    3. Name change = 20 giant diamonds
    ... Etc.

    The change counter starts from release date 1.5.7 for all players at 0.

    The giant diamonds will be debited immediately after amendment. If the name is rejected by support, the diamonds will of course be refunded. Support does not provide any correspondence about the decisions.

  • Resources API: With the purchase of API credits (available in the InApp store) you get access to the Resources API, with which you can query some of your own current player data, as well as some general data and feed your Excel/Google sheets, apps, etc. This data is retrieved either as CSV or JSON.
    The purchase automatically creates an API account and emails the API key if it does not already exist. If an account already exists, the credits are credited to the account.

    1 Credit = 1 query.
    With 2'500 credits, for example, you can use all your conveyor system data (item, position, condition, conveying rate, boost, TU factor, etc.)  in any time period.

    - API credits left
    - Your factories
    - Your warehouses incl. credits
    - Your specialbuildings
    - Your HQ progress
    - Your mines
    - Your mines summarylist
    - Your trade-log*
    - Player info
    - Your monetrary items*
    - Your Attacklog
    *max. last 30 days

    - ID-List (items/factories/specialbuildings/mines)
    - Item production base data
    - Recycling base data
    - Factory upgrade data
    - Specialbuilding upgrade data
    - Market rates