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Bugfixes new function in settings for translation-feedbacks Implementation for Language zh_CN/zh_TW SDK updates

V2.2.0 (8200)

02.05.2024 Auctions: new luxury item for auction. Note regarding casino odds: The odds of winning in the casino do not change with the addition of more luxury items. Not all available symbols...

V2.1.1 (8187)

Auctions: Tapping on an auction item now shows the price history and the recent winners of this item. Tapping the small icon in the top right corner provides a brief summary of the...

  • V2.2.1 (8206) - Android

    Friday, 17 May 2024 05:00
  • V2.2.0 (8200)

    Monday, 15 April 2024 05:00
  • V2.1.1 (8187)

    Friday, 23 February 2024 12:00

Oberflache 11 aThe chat doesn't just contain witty philosophical discussions on the meaning of life and other important matters.

It can be a fertile place to build up relationships with other players...

...and you and all your fellow players actively help achieve this by communicating in a respectful manner!


Private messages

By clicking on a message you can send that player a private message that only they can read.

Oberflache 4 aFactories are purchased and upgraded here. In the factories, you turn the resources you've mined into products. Following details are shown:

  • Type of factory
  • Factory level
  • Production rate
  • What is produced
  • Which resources are needed to produce
  • Duration of the production process
  • Visualization of the production progress
  • Cancellation of the production
  • Sorting the factories in the list
  • Instantly finishing production (consumes a giant diamond)

More information about individual factories can be found here


Oberflache 6 aAll of the mines you own are listed here. Mines must be maintained, because their quality and performance decays every day.

As soon as the condition drops below 20%, the mine gets demolished.

The risk of mine accidents increases the more poorly you maintain your mines.

In the list you can find out about: 

  • Amount of mines
  • Type of mine
  • Condition of the mine
  • Performance
  • Distance from current position
  • Assigned security forces
  • Demolishing the mine (useful when the earnings are lower than the maintenance costs)


Done by clicking on the mine (maintenance symbol) and spending money or a maintenance kit.

With many mines, individual maintenance can be frustrating. That's why you have two options:

  1. Repair all mines with a team of experts.
  2. Repair all mines with available maintenance kits. (the priority with which repairs happen is determined first by the condition, then by the upgrade factor, and then by the defenses)

The expert team maintenance is the fastest and safest way to repair all mines - but also the most expensive.


A mine can be protected by your security forces. Watch dogs, security forces and elite troops can ensure that attackers have no fun attacking you.

Select the chosen mine with the maintenance icon, then assign the desired amount of security forces to the mine.

If a mine is attacked successfully, it takes damage and you lose all defenders. If the damage is too high, the mine is demolished.

In order not to have too much of a disadvantage as a defender, the base amount of security forces is immediately regained after every successful attack. 

Tech upgrade

The performance of a mine can be massively boosted with the help of tech upgrades: up to a factor of 5 times! Together with the HQ-boost, mines can bring out an unbelievable amount of resources.



Oberflache 8 aThe headquarters is the heart of every great empire. It is visible to every player on the map, so upgrade it to demonstrate your might.

Place headquarters

Mines within a certain radius of the headquarters profit from a significant performance boost. This depends on the level of the headquarters.

You can move the headquarters for free as often as you want within a certain distance of your physical location. Your goal should be to cover as many of your most valuable mines with the boost radius of the headquarters as possible.

Upgrade headquarters

The headquarters can be upgraded up to level 10.

Every level increases the boost factor of influenced mines.


With the Google+ login you can access the Google Play Games components.

Here you can view statistics, track your accomplishments and complete quests.

The game is still otherwise completely playable without logging in!


In the shop you can buy giant diamonds and tech upgrade 4. 

With the giant diamonds you can immediately finish up to 5 days of factory production or build mines outside of your current physical location.

PS: With a purchase in the shop you don't just improve your own progression, but also support the single developer of Resources, who carries the costs for servers and licenses for the game. 


Oberflache 13 a

Don't lose touch with your friends and acquaintances, add them to your contact list!



Oberflache 2 aThe warehouse is where you have an overview of all your resources, products and loot in a list. Following details are shown:

  • Type of resource
  • Production rate
  • Warehouse level
  • Amount stored
  • Capacity visualization
  • Time until full

Goods information

By clicking on the corresponding goods, you will get further information and options like:

  • Pricing tend of the goods
  • Warehouse upgrades
  • Recycling of loot, assuming you own the special building "Recycling plant".


Some loot can be broken down into various resources. The higher the level of your recycling plant, the better the yield.

You can find more information on special buildings here.



Oberflache 7 aIn the requests section you can announce your needs for certain materials, or fulfill the requests of other players. 

Suppose you absolutely want to expand some building, but you are missing concrete, and your own production is simply too slow to satisfy your own demands. Then you should announce your needs here. It's up to you to offer a price that is interesting enough for others to fulfill your demand! At least more interesting than the market rate and the price others will pay for it.

Since the price of goods can be driven to exorbitant heights with this system, it is always worthwhile to check this page, and send the goods to that man or woman who is willing to pay so much for them. 

Every player has a maximum of 10 active requests.

Only the best deals are shown for every item. If your offer is not good enough and you have too many competitors, it might not even be seen by other players.

Oberflache 9 aNews page

The Resources-NEWS inform you about all sorts of useful and useless matters in the Resources economy. 

Der keen reader can often learn ahead of time how the market rate of certain goods will develop, in order to either continue hoarding the goods, or to sell them in a panic.



Oberflache 10 aThe most important activities are listed in the logs.

Location-based logs will navigate you to the referenced location on the scanner when you click on them.

Oberflache 12 aThe players with the largest and mightiest empires are listed here.

A place here does not last forever. Only active players can hope to maintain their position in the rankings. Inactive players lose points daily to make room for others.


The scoring system in Resources is dynamic. You can earn points, but also lose them.
Your score is recalculated at regular intervals according to the following factors:

  • Level progress
  • Factory levels*
  • Special building levels
  • Headquarters level
  • Mine performance*
  • Quality and condition of the mines
  • Activity**

*the more valuable the product or resource, the more points you get.
** points are reduced with every inactive day.
This enables new and more active players to rise faster through the rankings.

Oberflache 1 aDer Bau von Förderanlagen ist Grundvoraussetzung für Deinen Erfolg!

Aber um Resourcen abzubauen, musst Du diese natürlich zuerst finden. Erst bei erfolgreichem Fund kannst Du das Vorkommen mit einer Förderanlage erschliessen.

All das geschieht in 3 Schritten auf der Scanner-Seite:

  1. Ressource wählen
  2. Sondieren
    Liegt ein Vorkommen direkt unter Deinen Füssen, wird der Bau-Button freigegeben und Du kannst Deine erste Förderanlage bauen.
  3. Förderanlage bauen

(Diese drei Schritte werden Dir bei Deinen ersten Klicks im Spiel ausführlicher erklärt)

Die Genauigkeit der Sondierung ist abhängig vom Spezialgebäude "Techzentrum".

Verlorene Frachten

Einige Speditionen gehen eher unsorgfältig mit ihrer Fracht um, oder der ehemalige Besitzer scheut sich vor Entsorgungskosten. Aber was auch immer der Grund sein mag für die rumliegenden, herrenlosen Kisten und Container: reiss sie Dir unter den Nagel! 
Die Inhalte sind oft wertvoller, als man denkt.
Insbesondere in Verbindung mit dem Recycling-Gebäude wirst Du für bemerken, dass es keine wertlosen Inhalte gibt


Scannen kostet Geld und der Scanbereich ist durch Deinen physischen Standort begrenzt. Scandrohnen erweitern Deinen Aktionsradius und Möglichkeiten je nach Stufe Deines Drohnenforschungsgebäude enorm.

Mithilfe von Scandrohnen können z.B. Kisten oder Container ausserhalb Deines momentanen Aufenthaltortes eingesammelt werden. Sogar Bauaufträge können erteilt werden, um so auch entlegene Orte, welche Du nicht erreichen könntest, zu erschliessen.

  • Jede Scandrohne wird beim Scanvorgang verbraucht.
  • Drohnen können in der Scandrohnenwerft hergestellt werden

Einsatzradius der Drohnen

Der Einsatzradius ist abhängig von den Ausbaustufen des Techzentrums und der Drohnenforschung (Angaben in Metern):

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


1 480 540 600 660 720 800 880 960 1'060 1'160
2 540 600 660 720 800 880 960 1'060 1'160 1'280
3 600 660 720 800 880 960 1'060 1'160 1'280 1'420
4 660 720 800 880 960 1'060 1'160 1'280 1'420 1'560
5 720 800 880 960 1'060 1'160 1'280 1'420 1'560 1'720
6 800 880 960 1'060 1'160 1'280 1'420 1'560 1'720 1'900
7 880 960 1'060 1'160 1'280 1'420 1'560 1'720 1'900 2'100
8 960 1'060 1'160 1'280 1'420 1'560 1'720 1'900 2'100 2'300
9 1'060 1'160 1'280 1'420 1'560 1'720 1'900 2'100 2'300 2'540
10 1'160 1'280 1'420 1'560 1'720 1'900 2'100 2'300 2'540 2'800


Du kannst gegnerische Förderanalgen angreifen. Voraussetzung ist, dass Du nahe genug an der Förderanlage Deines Konkurrenten dran bist und über Angriffseinheiten verfügst. Diese kannst Du im MafiaHQ erwerben.
Tappe dazu auf eine feindliche Anlage, um Informationen über Leistung der Anlage sowie deren Verteidigung zu erfahren. Beachte, dass die Angabe über die Verteidigung mit steigender MafiaHQ-Stufe steigt.

Was bringt mir ein Angriff?

Durch einen erfolgreichen Angriff wird Dir ein Teil der geförderten Resource der Anlage gutgeschrieben, und als Bonus erhältst du eine zufällige Beute. Eine sehr lukrative Einnahmequelle an zusätzlichen Ressourcen - sofern du den Gegner schlägst...

Beachte den Levelunterschied zwischen Dir und Deinem "Opfer". Das Handycap-System in Resources ist gnadenlos und streng, denn auch Newcomer sollen die Chance haben aufzusteigen, ohne, dass sie durch erfahrenere Spieler bereits wieder "im Keim erstickt" werden. 

Nach einem erfolgreichen Angriff ist die selbe Förderahnlage 24h nicht mehr angreifbar.

Icons der Map 

Am oberen Rand der Karte befinden sich kleine icons. Sie haben folgende Funktionen (von links nach rechts):

  • Reload
    Hilfreich, falls die Karte einen Aussetzer hat, oder Anlagen/Kisten nicht aktuell sind
  • Tag- / Nachtmodus
    nützlich wenn die Sonne grell auf den Display scheint.
  • Kisten ein- und ausblenden
  • Hauptquartier ein- und ausblenden.
  • Förderanlage ein- und ausblenden.
  • zum aktuellen Standort springen und folgen.

Oberflache 5 aSpecial buildings are purchased and upgraded here.

(detailed information for all special buildings can be found here)

Tech center

The tech center increases the accuracy and radius of your scans.

Be aware that the cost of scanning also increases with every level. Therefore you should be careful when upgrading the tech center - accuracy has a price.


A visit to the casino is always worth it. With enough luck you can even with the jackpot that all the players are continuously paying into.

Some say that you can only lose money here - that is surely just a rumor.


The museum lets you find increasingly valuable loot in lost freight. Only after a certain level is it even possible to find the highly valued giant diamonds and tech upgrade 4.

Training camp

In the training camp you can hire security forces to protect your lucrative mines. Every level increase makes your security forces tougher.

Recycling plant

Here you can recycle many of the looted items. By doing so you can get resources that are otherwise be difficult to produce in great amounts.

Law firm

The law firm is an important building. Unfortunately your workers are not afraid of a lawsuit if an accident happens in one of your mines. With this building you can limit the amount of money that must be paid out in damages.

Mafia HQ

In the Mafia HQ you can hire criminals to damage and loot enemy mines. Every level increase makes your attack troops tougher.


The best preventive measure against mine accidents is a hospital. Every level reduces the likelihood of an accident, because your workers are healthier and full of vitality.

Drone research

Drones are a fine thing. But what would it be like if they could pick up lost freight, or build a mine on the scanned location? Both will be possible with drone research at level 10. 


Oberflache 3 aHere you can sell the resources you mined and the products you produced.

The slider controls the amount that is to be sold. (It's worth taking a look in the black market first, because it could be that players are paying much more for those goods than on the regular market.)