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V2.2.1 (8206) - Android

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V2.2.0 (8200)

02.05.2024 Auctions: new luxury item for auction. Note regarding casino odds: The odds of winning in the casino do not change with the addition of more luxury items. Not all available symbols...

V2.1.1 (8187)

Auctions: Tapping on an auction item now shows the price history and the recent winners of this item. Tapping the small icon in the top right corner provides a brief summary of the...

  • V2.2.1 (8206) - Android

    Friday, 17 May 2024 05:00
  • V2.2.0 (8200)

    Monday, 15 April 2024 05:00
  • V2.1.1 (8187)

    Friday, 23 February 2024 12:00

Last update: 27/10/2020

1. General Terms of Use

The game “RESOURCES Game” (hereinafter referred to as “RG”) is a location-based multiplayer economy simulation in which virtual, to some extent location-based components can be used to generate and trade in virtual goods for a virtual currency. These Terms of Use shall be concluded between you and BITLANTIS GMBH, Mühletobelstrasse 78, 9400 Rorschach (hereinafter referred to as “Developer”).

1.1 Registration with RG

By registering with RG and subsequently activating the account required for a successful logging into the game via a link in the confirmation e-mail, the user of RG confirms to have read and to fully accept the present Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy as well as the terms noted in the following points of the services provided for and integrated into RG by third-party providers.

1.2 Safety Instructions

Steering a vehicle while being distracted by smartphones or similar technology is already illegal in most countries and is to be refrained from. Please always pay attention to your surroundings and the road traffic when using RG on the move, even as a pedestrian.

Both your safety and the safety of your fellow human beings always takes top priority!

1.3 Dealing with Other Fellow Gamers, Behaviour in the Game

The Developers attach a great deal of importance on a good atmosphere in the game and among the gamers. The users of RG undertake to behave respectfully towards other users. The use of RG shall be subject to different age limits in various countries. The lowest classification (Germany) is the Entertainment Software Self-Regulation USK 6 (aged 6 and above), which is why demonstrable, inappropriate obscene statements, discriminatory statements, threats and/or verbal attacks shall result in the account being blocked or deleted immediately. Chat spamming and advertisement in the chat shall not be tolerated.

1.4 Goods From the In-App Shop

Virtual goods purchased in the shop shall be game components and subject to the current game rules & mechanics. They may get lost within the game due to current or changed game rules & mechanics or be changed in their effect. (Exclusion of liability and right of return of virtual goods: s. point 2.5 “Virtual Goods”.)

1.5 Fraudulent Gaming / Cheating (e.g. Location Fakes, Emulated GPS, Multiple Accounts, Game Bots)

Feigning the physical gamer position using additional, technical aids (hardware and software, such as GPS spoofers, emulators, etc.) shall be prohibited.

Only one account per gamer shall be permissible. Creating several accounts shall be prohibited.

Every game component within RG may exclusively be effected by the gamer. Gaming RG by means of bots shall be prohibited.

The Developers reserve the right to block or entirely delete the relevant account in the case of suspected cheating.

1.6 Reverse Engineering, Modified APKs, Misuse of Copyrighted Components

The Developers reserve the right to block or entirely delete the relevant gamer account in the case of suspected use of any non-original RG version or of any non-authorised use of copyrighted RG components as well as the use of services and components created by non-authorised third parties with copyrighted RG components.

2. Exclusion of Liability

2.1 Warranty

The Developers shall not assume any warranty regarding the accuracy, exactness, topicality, reliability and integrity of the application contents. Liability claims against the Developers due to material or immaterial damage arisen from the access to or use or non-use of RG, due to misuse of the connection or by technical malfunctions shall be excluded.

Using the location-based components of RG shall always be governed by the laws and provisions of the locality in which the user is located. Entry prohibitions, traffic rules, private land plot or other special rules in specific zones within the user’s surrounding are always to be respected and complied with. Liability claims against the Developers due to infringements of the local laws shall be excluded.

2.2 Charges for Internet Data Connection

RG needs an active data connection during the gaming time. Depending on the service provider, this may give rise to additional charges. Any liability by the Developer for additional costs incurred in this manner shall be excluded.

2.3 Material & Personal Damage

The Developers disclaim any liability for material & personal damage caused by potential distraction or generally by the use or during the use of RG.

2.4 All offers shall be non-binding.

The Developers expressly reserve the right to change, complement or delete parts of the application or the entire offering or to discontinue the publication temporarily or permanently without separate announcement.

2.5 Virtual Goods

Virtual goods, whether generated by the game mechanics or acquired in the in-app store subject to charge shall remain owned by the Developers. Both trading in virtual goods and the trade in entire game accounts with real money shall be prohibited. Right of return or claim for damages upon loss of virtual goods by own fault, hardware/software errors or specific game rules/mechanics shall be excluded. In case of problems with virtual goods, the support is to be contacted without delay. 

2.6 Liability for Links and Linked Data of Third Parties

Contents and components of third parties shall be outside our sphere of responsibility. Any responsibility for contents not created by the Developer of RG shall be disclaimed. The access to and use of such data shall be at the user’s own risk.

2.7 Copyrights

The copyrights and all other rights to contents, images, photos, sound effects or other data shall exclusively be owned by the Developers or by the specially stated rightsholders. The written consent of the authors is to be obtained in advance for the reproduction or use of any elements. Information on the copyright holders has been noted under the point “Copyrights”.

3. Privacy Policy

Specific personal data has to be collected to enable the function of RG as a multiplayer game. If you register in the game, you voluntarily provide us with personal data. The nature of the data as well as the purpose of its use shall be explained in this Privacy Policy. 

This Privacy Policy shall apply to our use of data, which may or might be used to identify you as a person (“Personal Data”). It shall not apply to data, which cannot be used to identify you personally (“Anonymous Data”).

Having regard to Article 13 of the Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation and the provisions under data protection law of the Swiss Federation (Federal Act on Data Protection, FADP) as well as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), every person has the right to protection of their privacy as well as the right to be protected against the misuse of their Personal Data.

Your Personal Data provided to RG shall be basically treated as confidential. The data between the RG appropriate (client) and RG servers shall exclusively be exchanged via secured and encrypted connection (SSL). We point out to you nonetheless that the data transmission on the Internet may exhibit security gaps in general and irrespectively of our offering.

3.1 Login Credentials and User Information

RG is a multiplayer game. We therefore need to collect and use certain Personal Data in order to differentiate you from other gamers in RG (identification) and in order to take account of our General Terms of Use.

Collected Personal Data:

e-mail address, password, IP address (in connection with access date and time, as well as country code of the provider of the IP address), information about hardware and operating system data of the device on which RG is executed

Using RG shall require registration/login by means of an e-mail address and password or, alternatively, via Google login. Any login using a Google account shall additionally be governed by the data protection guidelines of Google (

3.2 Location/Movement Data in the Active Game

RG is a location-based multiplayer game. This means that the “game board” of the game uses the real geography of the gamers as a basis. Some components of RG may be virtually placed on this game board by means of the real gamer position. Gamers may interact with virtual objects on this game board. This requires location data (e.g. using GPS). Gamers must actively grant the game the permission to collect location data by the application within the game. Querying the location data by RG and thus gaming RG are not possible without the gamer’s active consent.

Collected Personal Data:

geographic position (longitude and latitude) of the gamer, as well as the geographic position of the location-based interaction of the gamer in the game

Except for the location coordinates (longitude and latitude) of game components and game interactions used by the gamer in a location-based manner as well as the retention of the last location of the user as an initialisation localisation upon the next login, neither location data nor location course shall be recorded or transferred without gamer interaction in the game.

3.3 Location/Movement Data While Not Using RG

The location query may optionally be activated in the background for game mission setting a specific movement type/distance as a target. When activating this option, RG may capture location data in the background, e.g. to activate the recording of the covered distance for the “wanderer” mission, even if the app is closed or not used. The location query in the background shall be active only if a relevant mission is active and the gamer activates this option in the game settings and granted the Android permission for the access to location data in the background. In this case, only the covered distance in meters shall be transferred to the server. Neither any position course (tracking) shall be recorded nor any position course shall be transferred to the servers for the location query in the background. 

Collected Personal Data:

geographic position (longitude and latitude, clientside only) of the gamer to calculate the covered distance in meters, nature of the movement/activity (resting, walking, running, movement with vehicle)

3.4 Advertisement in the Game

RG contains advertisement provided by the “AdMob” advertising network of Google. The pop-ups may be actively triggered by the gamer in the form of a mission. In some circumstances, the advertising network may read the current location data out to offer a targeted selection of the pop-up. The data protection guidelines of AdMob shall apply additionally here: 

Collected Personal Data:

data pursuant to the data protection statements of the AdMob advertising network

3.5 Data Collection by Third-Party Providers

RG has recourse to modules of third-party providers to offer or use specific services. These shall include, e.g., usage analysis, stability analyses, bug reporting, access to advertising network, push notification service.

Services for the usage analysis, crash analysis, in-app bug reporting:

- Google Analytics / Crashlytics for Firebase:

This usage data shall form the basis for statistical, anonymous evaluations, e.g. for problem detection, troubleshooting, trend spotting.

The use of the data shall be subject to the data protection guidelines of Google: 

Notifications (push messages):

- Firebase Notifications (FCM - Firebase Cloud Messaging), data protection guidelines:

Advertising networks:

- AdMob, data protection guidelines: 

Collected Personal Data:

data pursuant to the data protection statements of the third-party provider 

3.6 Order Data (Purchases of Virtual Goods in the In-App Store)

Purchases via the “in-app store” of RG are taken, captured and processed by Google by means of the Google Play Services. Any Personal Data collected for the purchase shall be subject to the data protection guidelines of Google: The Developer receives from Google the status messages about the purchase for further processing within RG. RG logs the order data received from Google for both support and accounting purposes.

Data collected by RG: Google order number, order date and time, order line items, country and postcode of the customer.

3.7 Protection of the Developer’s Contact Details

The use by third parties of contact details published in the context of the duty to publish a legal notice for sending advertisement and information materials not explicitly requested shall herewith be expressly objected to.

4. Privacy Statement for the Use of Google Services (Google Login, Google Play, Google Play Games)

4.1 Capturing and Passing on of Information

The Google button may be used by the users to optionally and voluntarily register with and log into the game by means of their Google account. Gamers may register with the Google Play Games services within the game. In doing so, further game contents (e.g. successes, quests, rankings and in-app store) shall be enabled and published worldwide in some circumstances. Any login using a Google account shall additionally be governed by the data protection guidelines of Google (

In principle, the user may play RG without restriction even without being logged into Google. Google retains information requested by Google services. Google records information about your activities to improve the Google services for you and others. You shall need a globally visible, public Google profile, which must at least contain the name chosen for the profile, in order to use the Google Play Services. This name shall be used in all Google services. In some cases, this name may also replace a different name used by you when sharing contents via your Google account. The identity of your Google profile may be displayed to users knowing your e-mail address or having other identifiable information of you at their disposal.

4.2 Use of the Collected Information

Besides the purposes of use explained above, the information provided by you shall be used under the applicable Google data protection provisions. Google potentially publishes condensed statistics about the activities of the users or passes these on to users and partners, such as publishers, advertising space buyers or affiliated websites.

5. Copyrights and licenses

5.1 RG Application

The source code as well as the corresponding binary data of RG, except for the third party APIs integrated into the application, are property of the developers (Copyright © 2014 Stefan Pala). Reverse engineering shall be prohibited. Any changes to, reutilization and/or distribution of RG, its source code as well as its binary data shall be prohibited without the explicit consent of the developers. RG is the developers' intellectual property.

5.2 Mapsforge


5.3 Map Data © Open Street Map and Contributors.

RG uses Open Street Map tiles within the Mapsforge SDK:


Aerial Imagery Portions Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech and U.S. Depart. of Agriculture, Farm Service Agency

United Kingdom data contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2014.

JTS Topology Suite licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.

Part of Map dataset made with Natural Earth.

5.4 Android Wheel

by Yuri Kanivets ,Apache License 2.0

5.5 Androidplot, Apache License 2.0

MPAndroidChart by Phil Jay - , Apache License 2.0

5.6 Google Play Services and all Google APIs

All rights in accordance with Google Inc.

6. Additional provisions

The developers shall reserve the right to change these Terms of Use at any time.

7. Legal Notice

Development, distribution and responsible person for Resources Game:


Mühletobelstrasse 78

CH-9400 Rorschach

Phone: +41 71 511 2272

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

8. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Swiss law shall apply exclusively.

The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Rorschach (Switzerland).



The author shall not assume any liability with regard to the correctness of content, the accuracy, currentness, reliability and completeness of information.

Any liability claims against the author due to material and immaterial damage arising from accessing or the use or non-use of the released information, from any misuse of the connection or due to technical malfunctions, shall be excluded.

All offers shall be non-binding. The author shall explicitly reserve the right to change, amend or delete parts of the pages or the entire offer or discontinue its release temporarily or permanently.

Liability for links

Any referrals and links to third party websites are not our responsibility. We reject any responsibility with regard to such websites. Accessing and using such websites happens at the user's own risk.


Copyrights and any other rights to contents, images, photos, sound effects or other data are exclusively property of the developers or of the holders of the rights named specifically. Any reproduction or use of any elements shall require the previous written consent of the copyright holders.

Data privacy

Based on Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution and on the data privacy provisions of the Swiss Federation (Datenschutzgesetz [Data Protection Law], DSG), everyone has a right to protect their privacy as well as to protect against the misuse of their personal data. Personal data is in principal handled confidentially and shall not be sold or forwarded to third parties.

We endeavour to protect our databases as well as possible from unauthorized access, data loss, misuse or falsification of data in close cooperation with our hosting provider.

In accessing our websites, the following data is saved in log files: IP address, date, time, browser request and information on the operating system and the browser respectively, which is generally submitted. This use-related data form the basis for statistical, anonymous evaluations, which identifies trends based on which we are able to improve our offer accordingly.

Data Privacy Statement for using Google Adsense

This website uses Google Adsense, a web advertising service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Adsense uses “cookies”, text files saved onto your computer which allow analyzing your use of this website. Google Adsense also uses “web beacons” (invisible images). Web beacons allow analyzing information such as traffic on these websites.

The information generated by cookies and web beacons on the use of this website (including your IP address) and delivering advertisements are transferred to and saved on a Google server in the United States. This data may be transferred to associates by Google. Google will, however, never associate your IP address with other information saved on you. You can prevent the installation of these cookies in your web browser’s settings, but we would like to point out that you may not be able to fully use all functions of this website in this case. By visiting this website, you expressly agree to the data collected on you to be processed by Google in the aforementioned way and for the aforementioned purpose.

Data Privacy Statement for using Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses "cookies", which are text files saved onto your computer to help analyze your use of the website. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website will usually be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Should you activate IP anonymization for this website, your IP address will, however, first be shortened by Google within the member states of the European Union or in other member states to the agreement on the European Economic Area.

Only in exceptional cases, the full IP address is sent to and shortened by Google servers in the USA. Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the website in order to compile reports on website activity for the website providers and in order to render additional services related to website use and Internet use. Google may also submit this data to third parties, if required by law or to the extent third parties process this data on behalf of Google. Google will, however, never associate the IP address supplied by your browser within the scope of Google Analytics with other information saved on you. You can prevent the installation of these cookies in your web browser’s settings, but we would like to point out that you may not be able to fully use all functions of this website in this case. By visiting this website, you agree to the data collected on you being processed by Google in the aforementioned way and for the aforementioned purpose.

Swiss law shall apply exclusively.

The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Rorschach (Switzerland).



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